Revenge of the Karens: Explaining White Suburban Women voters

The midterm elections are not looking good for Democrats. While it’s very normal for the president’s party to lose votes in midterm elections, next week’s election is different. Polling data shows that people might elect candidates who have ties to Donald Trump and are election-deniers. Election deniers should not be issued a driver’s license, nevermind given entry into the halls of government. 

The other strange thing about these midterm elections is that one surprising demographic will be pushing the Republican ticket — white, suburban women. 

The Wall Street Journal reported this week that their poll of 297 white suburban women (admittedly not a huge sample size) found that they favor Republican candidates by 15 percentage points. The big issue, according to this WSJ poll, was the economy, not abortion. “54% of white suburban women think the U.S. is already in a recession and 74% think the economy is headed in the wrong direction.” Their support for Republicans candidates, including Donald Trump, has jumped significantly just in the past couple of months. 

There have been a lot of hot takes on white suburban women by people who are not white suburban women. How about I take a stab at unrolling these statistics?

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6 thoughts on “Revenge of the Karens: Explaining White Suburban Women voters

  1. “Now, schools might not be an issue in this election. The kids are back at their desks and learning without masks. Around here, the culture wars are not a factor at school board meetings, so I can’t speak to that topic at all. While the last election in NJ and VA may have had a strong education vibe, the pollsters say that it’s not a factor this November.”

    Laura, I’m gonna give you a resounding ‘maybe’ on this one. I’m in Virginia, where anger about schools seems to have been a major factor in electing a Reep for governor, and we have Supreme Court litigant Asra Nomani pointing out how Asians are being screwed on college admissions and admissions to the Thomas Jefferson magnet high school. And if I were a Michigan Dem, I would be terrified by this article:


  2. And now Colbert is doubling down on his stupid dismissive comment.
    [Stupid because his researchers should have easily found this (real) guy online, but they didn’t bother to look because they operate in liberal blinkers]

    Every word of his sarcastic pseudo-apology is making this issue bigger – and losing the Dems more votes in Michigan (though I’m sure it goes down well with Colbert’s liberal audience). The Dem candidate needs to call him and tell him to zip the lip, sweetie.


  3. We have a similar burgeoning crime situation here in NZ.

    Violent burglaries (ram raids using stolen cars & actual assaults on shopkeepers) have skyrocketed over the last year. Most (allegedly) are carried out by young teens (we don’t actually know, because lots of the details are suppressed due to the age of the kids involved). There seems to be a combination of motives: stealing to order by organized gangs (cigarettes, vapes, alcohol, consumer electronics); and self-glorification and social status (the raids are filmed and uploaded to tiktok)

    It’s huge. Some shops have been raided 8 times over a year – and shopkeepers are simply going out of business. But the effect on ‘ordinary’ middle-class families is even greater. People *perceive* that crime is out of control (they’re seeing the raids in their local shopping centres) – and that the Government are taking little effective action (this Government, fairly or otherwise, has a ‘soft on crime’ perception – and has a deliberate policy of trying other interventions before jail).

    The left-wing (Government) line on this is: crime has been dropping over the last 5 years. There is no problem.
    Which is rubbish (you can make stats say anything you want to – these ones refer to the number of criminals convicted – which says nothing about the number of crimes which go unsolved, or even unreported (why bother -unless you’re going to make an insurance claim, the police won’t do anything; and, even if caught, there will be no meaningful punishment for the perpetrator).
    But, more importantly, it’s *irrelevant*. If people perceive there is a problem; there is one. This line simply makes the Government look out of touch and ineffectual. They need to take charge – and come up with solutions (sadly, they won’t, because they’re blinded by those liberal blinkers as well).


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