Community: Booster?

Everyone in my family, from old to young, got really bad reactions to the Covid shot and boosters. So, we’re all really dreading getting the fall booster/flu combo, but we’re doing it. My folks are getting their shot tomorrow and have blocked out the next two days to being stuck in bed with a fever.

Did you get your covid booster yet? Will you do it? Do the shots make you sick for two days?

16 thoughts on “Community: Booster?

  1. I already got the booster with no issue. Signed to for the flu shot. The one time I got the real flu, I was 25 and barely able to move for four days. The covid vaccines have all been easier than the shingle ones.


  2. We all got our last booster late last week–no side effects at all except for a sore upper arm overnight. We’re getting flu shots 1 October. The large local teaching hospital does a two-day free clinic for them, and we always go, even though we’re insured. I have a feeling that the new bivalent booster does not seem to have the same side effects as the earlier ones.


  3. We got boosted (Pfizer) about 10 days ago. The new one made us tired, but was noticeably milder than the previous doses. My reaction only lasted about 12 hours, and my wife only about 24. Also the reaction seemed to come on very quickly – a few hours after the shot. My advice is to try to do it towards the end of the day and plan to go to bed early.


  4. I haven’t decided yet. I had the initial 3 shot Moderna series and then Omicron this summer, so I have some coverage. I do plan to get the flu shot–I’m 47. I might do something like waiting for the beginning of a big national winter surge and then getting the booster, so as to max out protection. (Case numbers are still declining right now in many places.)

    I expect that my husband will get the fall COVID booster and flu shot. He has had three shots of Pfizer and is closing in on 50 years of age.

    My husband was looking up some info on the efficacy of the flu shot for people of different ages and we’re probably not going to make the kids get it this fall, which will be a big change for our family. If they want it, they can get it, though. (The kids are 20, 17, and 9. I believe our youngest wants the flu shot.)

    We all had COVID this summer for the first time.


  5. I am a weird scofflaw (well, weird given that I am a vaccine advocate and believe very strongly in mandates) when it comes to repeat vaccinations (i.e. flu, and covid, now). Actually, that makes me a good example of the kind of person who might be too lazy to get a vaccine, but would get one with a mandate (including private requests, like if a friend said they wanted everyone who came to their house to have the booster).

    Spouse got the booster and had no reaction except a bit of arm soreness. I had a reaction to the first shot, but not as much to the 2nd and even less to the 3rd (but, I’m not working an active physical day).

    I will probably get the booster, but haven’t yet.


  6. 76-year old here. I have never had much of a reaction to an immunization before, but I got the COVID booster and flu shot the same day. At 5:30, which was good because both arms were very sore for about 18 hours. But no fever nor serious fatigue. Had the Hong Kong flu in about 1957, and wow, I never want to feel that sick again. Then some kind of seasonal flu in 1970, missed 2 weeks of work and dragged for another 2. I have always, therefore, realized that flu is not to be trifled with.

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    1. Wow, EB, I did not know that you had history to impart to us. My dad remembers the flu of 1957 as the year that everyone in his village (small village) got sick. His sister had to take care of everyone and was the sickest in the end. 1-2 million dead across the world, and 100K deaths in the US. I do think that the modern day lack of experience with disease and illness and death makes for a skewed view of prevention.

      A short report from the Smithsonian on that flu, and the hope for the future that the response engendered (and, that we were hoping for in June 2020 when the Smithsonian article was written).

      BTW, I’m not that much younger, but, just accross a generational divide in which the youngest science (biology and medicine) had been completely transformed before I was paying attention.

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  7. Would love to get the Covid booster, but it’s hard to find in my area. My doc and the kids’ pediatrician say they have no idea if when they’ll get supplies and CVS/Walgreens don’t seem to have any appointment slots available


    1. I had a sore arm that night and also felt it the next night, and was a little fatigued, but otherwise fine. My parents both had it with no problems.


    1. Yes. The bivalent one, which is what I got ten days ago. But with two old shoots plus one booster, my wife and I both dodged covid when our son got it. And we didn’t even try to avoid him because we both spent an hour in the car with him about six hours before he got sick. We assumed we’d get it.


  8. I got the booster 2 weeks ago. 😀 Thursday I am going to get the shingles vaccine. And in about 2 more weeks I will get the flu vax. Keep ’em coming!

    I had a sore arm from the booster for less than a day. Tiredness? Hard to tell. I am basically always tired.


  9. Had no reaction to my original covid shot (J&J), some mild fatigue/soreness with the boosters (had both Pfizer and Moderna at this point!) but nothing compared to my 10 days of actual COVID in June – I was feverish for a few days – achy and tired for over a week, and then utterly exhausted for the following week. So, I’ll take a day of discomfort over getting COVID again, for me! (got a booster last week – flu shot scheduled for early Oct) Was your COVID case more mild than average? Maybe your strong vaccine reaction gave you extra immunity? (I’m not sure how that all works, there is probably no correlation!)


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