Community: Dumping Migrants on the Vineyard

Yesterday’s New York Times reported that about 50 migrants were flown to Martha’s Vineyard by Florida’s officials and just left there in this popular vacation spot for the Obama’s and Clinton’s. Local officials scrambled to find housing and medical attention for these individuals.

Community: Is Migrant-Dumping a terrible way to deal with human beings? Or is an effective way to force folks to find a national solution to this real problem in Florida and Texas?

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  1. Yes, it is a terrible way to deal with human beings and is also a terrible way to force change. Governor DeSanrus should ask Marco Rubio why his comprehensive immigration reform failed in 3013, and why Republicans don’t pursue real change-they’re afraid of their base. It can’t be fixed with reconciliation in Congress, so Dems have to have support from the other party. And that’s not happening. Of course, the Democrats are split over this issue, too. The 2013 Rubio plan would st least be a start. If the Republicans dumped migrants on other Republican governors, you might see some improvement.


    1. If there was a real chance of a penalty for the employer, it would stop in a second. Instead, the last employer charged with anything ran a Mexican store in my hometown.


      1. A professor in my MBA program was fond of saying “if there is a demand in one place and a supply in another, the supply will make its way there.” This was true for American blue jeans in the Soviet era and it is true for migrants who need work and a safer place to live.

        It’s true, we don’t shut down the chicken processing plants or the tomato farms that employ undocumented workers because we want our food at a certain price point.


  2. Well, it’s terrible to use human beings as counter-pieces in a political game.
    Just as it is every time someone’s personal tragedy is used for political point scoring by a politician.

    However, the migrants concerned almost certainly have a significantly better outcome than they would have had in Florida. So, for them personally, it may well be a much better result.

    Whether it prompts the wealthy and influential to actually change anything about the migrant situation – I beg leave to doubt.


    1. I don’t think so, that they want to go to Massachusetts, well, at least in general. They want work.

      ““We don’t have money to go anywhere. We are going to stay here until we figure out how to find transportation,” Mr. Lopez said. “If I knew there was a person offering flee flights to Miami, that would be ideal for us.”

      from the NYTimes article interviewing the migrants NYTimes article interviewing the migrants, both in Martha’s Vineyard, where they were flown and the ones who turned down the blonde woman who called herself Perla.

      Florida taxpayer funded, employing women with only first names in Texas (or did she travel from Florida?) to fly people to Martha’s Vineyard, offering questionable information to vulnerable families. Sounds a pretty fishy operation. I wonder if they’ll continue the game using human beings (including children) as pawns when there’s snow on the ground in the Vineyard and Chicago?


  3. “Community: Is Migrant-Dumping a terrible way to deal with human beings? Or is an effective way to force folks to find a national solution to this real problem in Florida and Texas?”

    I don’t hafta choose! You can’t make me choose! It’s clearly a very effective strategy for de Santis and Abbott. And the Dems have no idea how to counter it. Newsom is trying to claim that it’s kidnapping…. It’s unseemly, and it does spread the pain around to Dems who have been preening about their sanctuary humanity. So yah both.


    1. It may actually be against the law, which might be a counter to the program

      And, it is eerily similar to the Southern attempts to counter race equity during the civil rights movement

      I hope that’s not a good look, and if it is to some, that says something terrible about the people who support Abbott & DeSantis.

      It was interesting to see the references 1962 integration at Mississippi and the civil rights movement because my thought as a counter was that there should be an organization of a new Freedom Summer. Of course, those bus riders would be choosing to come, not tricked,


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