Killing Time

Yesterday, I had to kill a little time before going to CUNY Grad Center. I was there to do a podcast with Harry Brighouse, a philosophy and education professor at the University of Wisconsin (and blogger at Crooked Timber). We talked about schools and COVID for nearly two hours. Super fun.

The bus schedule either got me into NYC exactly on time or one hour early. I have been giving Jonah endless lectures about building in disasters into your commuting time into Manhattan, so I got into the city an hour early. Herald Square is a lovely place to chill and take selfies.

Between the podcast and some paid research gigs, I didn’t write any newsletters this week. I’m feeling slightly guilty about having a less than productive week, but not terribly guilty. Our car is packed up with tents and water shoes. We’re heading upstate to camp in about twenty minutes. The plan is to hit the supermarket there for breakfast food and ice, pitch the tents and set up the site, and then hit the fancy pizza for arugula and wine. Yay!

I hope all of you have some awesome weekend plans cooked up. Life’s short. Go do stuff!

4 thoughts on “Killing Time

    1. Really, the entire state of Kansas is unworthy of your sober existance? Think I previously replied to one of your comments saying they were “interesting” or some such polite crap for not being sure of your intention/motivation/ etc. I feel more confident now to say you have no empathy for any human who doesn’t side with your political beliefs. Drink up and soldier on, brave social justice warrior.


  1. Huh? I’m not going to drop college sports rivalries just because the Huskers started sucking and much of middle America went fascism-curious. I’m the American farmer, technically. Show some respect.


  2. We had our one car in the shop Wednesday-today.

    We did a ton of Uber (school, dental, medical apts), a couple of grocery delivery orders, got a couple of rides to school from a friend/neighbor, and otherwise walked and biked. It turns out that it’s pretty nice to bike to church on Sunday morning and that we can do it.

    But we have the car back today. Yay! Tomorrow: groceries and library and a passport apt. for the high school senior.

    Our high school senior is supposed to cook a colonial American recipe this coming weekend. He’s choosing some sort of custard thing. Some of the recipes look pretty good, but it’s like a message from a lost civilization, one where they used waaaay more eggs and cream than we would.

    In other news, it looks like the long-awaited Ukrainian southern counter-offensive has started…I hope they’re ready. I don’t know if you all have been following this, but there’s a large concentration of Russian forces on the west side of the Dnipro River around Kherson, and the Ukrainians have wrecked the bridges that are supposed to supply them from the east side of the Dnipro.


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