Photo Dump: July 4th

My July 4th began at 6am, when Steve shook me awake. My local 5K race started at 8am before the day got too hot. Did it. Best time of the year, but still nothing wonderful. 29.33 or something. Then home for a quick shower. Ian likes traditions, so we had to go watch the town parade. We had good seats at the local pub; mimosas make parades a LOT more fun. Then back home to prep for dinner for 12. Fed 12. My dad made the kids read the Declaration of Independence. I drooped at that point, but Steve and Ian and my folks kept going. They took folding chairs into town to watch fireworks.

July 4th is really important to a lot of people. People are tweeting that July 4th sucks, because America is a bad place. Those people clearly have no interest in winning elections.

Anyway, here’s a photo dump of our day. Click on one to start the slide show.