Community: Treats and Rewards

I had a tough week with some serious advocacy work for Ian and a work deadline. I passed over one major hurdle this morning, so I feel like I deserve a reward. At this stage of my life, nothing makes me happier than a glass of wine (or two) and a restaurant meal, so I don’t have to find a creative way to reinvent four frozen salmon bricks from Whole Foods. A hall pass from dinner.

How do you reward yourself after finishing a big task?

15 thoughts on “Community: Treats and Rewards

    1. And these days, I pretty much think I deserve a reward for getting through, as we all do.

      I feel like the last couple of years have stolen a lot of joys and totally get kids who want to have fun for a bit.

      I don’t know what the long term future looks like (well, things that cost money will have natural limits), but am all for indulging ourselves in safe ways.


  1. I just finished out my 5 days of COVID isolation + 5 days N95 masking for public outings, concluding about 4 weeks of COVID at home. (Yeah, I know, I don’t get it either.) This overlapped with my husband being out of state for two weeks and my personal birthday plans getting canceled. It wasn’t an impossible situation (I didn’t get that sick that long, my kids are pretty big, I was eventually able to drive places and send the big kids to fetch stuff), but it wasn’t my favorite.

    Anyway, today I found out that my Russian friends got their much-awaited work permission for Malaysia and are already there. Also, my youngest was out at therapy all morning. So I went out this morning and scoured the local tourist traps for housewarming gifts for my Russian friends (a couple tea towels, a t-shirt, and a shopping bag), to be packed and sent once my friends have a more permanent address. I was on such a spree that I actually paid for downtown parking. Bonus: I was able to get a lavender (!) iced mocha for me.


    1. Yikes, you deserve the flowers and ice cream (and craft cocktails & wine if you drink, though maybe not all at the same time).


      1. Fancy coffee/tea drinks are kind of the teetotaler equivalent of fancy mixed drinks. I take my kids out for bubble tea for major events–that’s their thing.

        In other COVID news, my BFF (who I have scrupulously avoided for the past several weeks) and her family are also going through COVID right now, so I’m liberated, but I have nobody to enjoy my freedom with.

        I feel like there’s a lot more COVID circulating right now than is reflected in stats and news. My husband carefully avoided our home COVID, went on his out-of-state trip, came home, avoided some more…and then wound up two seats away from a COVID positive graduate student at a meeting this past week. We shall see if he managed to escape again.

        It’s pretty low stakes right now, but man, that’s a lot of COVID: 4 in our household, 5 at my BFF’s house, and that 1 graduate student this month. Then a month ago I had 6 different relatives in WA and BC get it.


  2. I expanded my garden again this year. I have heavy clay soil so digging out beds was hard, hard work. My reward is getting a huge harvest. I just added more stakes to the tomatoes to prevent limbs breaking, they are so heavy with fruit. I also picked a mound of green beans, carrots, beets and lettuce.


      1. Do you plan to eat the radishes? I like radish, but it sounds like this will produce quite a bit.


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