Photo Dump: When Things Are Good

Things are pretty good right now. All the legal drama around Ian’s education — year-long hell, expensive hell — will come to close on Thursday morning. Fingers crossed things go well. I probably will be traumatized to talk about it.

With both boys doing well, life is great. The foster kittens are attacking my feet and making me laugh. I’m working on a good article. Steve is working from home for the rest of the summer, as his office is closed for construction. Seriously, life is pretty awesome at the moment.

On Friday, I blew off work and took the boys into the city for a trip to the museum and a restaurant. Saturday, we went to the beach. Sunday, there was brunch with friends and a big family dinner. Things don’t get much better.

2 thoughts on “Photo Dump: When Things Are Good

  1. These posts always remind me to remember to focus on what’s good in my life even when the world seems to be an existential crisis. Glad to hear the kids are all right.

    I’m celebrating having cleaned up my email inboxes sufficiently that I can see what new messages I have (not really cleaning up, but I’ll celebrate a small success).

    Little kiddo graduated HS and is embarking on a senior summer, with no other plans, though he still feels like there’s not enough time (his friend group has both early & late start kids and he’s an early starter, and so he feels like his summer is much shorter).

    Kiddo on internship seems to be doing OK, though she is still worried that she’ll melt in the Eastern heat.

    Our heat wave broke last night with the marine layer flowing in. Yes, we were amused to realize that we get a heat wave warning when the temps will be 90, though my kiddo in Boston didn’t). My flowers in pots seem to have survived and the addition of blooms from a visit to a farmer’s market means I have a wide variety.


  2. My high schooler (rising senior) has about 9 days left in his college STEM course. It’s been hard, but offered a lot of opportunities for growth. He’s also finished training for a campus job and is going to start working in earnest once he finishes his college course. This is his first job. He also needs to do some driving practice and apply to Hometown U. early decision, but it’s hard to think of any of that with his college course still grinding on.

    We may not manage to get the college girl a job this summer. Four of us had COVID and she has jury duty starting in a week. I’ve been joking (?) that jury duty can be her summer job if she gets called up…


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