In Lieu of Words, Do a Photo Dump

It’s nearly 5:00, and I’m just sitting down to the computer to write now. It was a book business and Ian-chore day. And I had to kitten-proof the family room and the office. Four foster kittens are the new residents of Apt. 11D.

We had a busy Memorial Day weekend filled with the typical suburban festivities and a trip to New York City. I ran the local 5K and came in 3rd in my age group. I was rather proud of that achievement, until Jonah reminded me that a seven-year old beat me. Punk.

We celebrated our 25th anniversary in the most ordinary of ways – a home cooked meal with the boys. I don’t have the stomach for massively inflated hotel and restaurant prices around here. I still haven’t recovered from the bill from a nice restaurant in New York City that we visited on Saturday. I’m sure I’ll get used to $250 dinner bills and $300 hotel visits, but I am not there yet.

Dinner tonight is leftover turkey chili over white rice (for boys)/quinoa (for me), a micro green salad with greens from the hydroponic farm that employs autistic people, and roasted Brussel sprouts with onion and a balsalmic/honey glaze. On TV tonight, we’ll watch 1882, while wee black kittens jump all over us.

Slide show (click on one to activate.)

This was an “I love New York” moment from last Saturday.

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  1. And very nice too.
    PS: Kitty is *adorable*

    We have 2 black cats, who rule me with a whim of iron.


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