Date Nights and Girlie Escapes

I have a ton of kid-related jobs at a time in my life when I should be transitioning to a post-parent lifestyle. I’m writing a bit about this crazy year in a newsletter. The school district sent Ian to private psychologist for educational testing this morning. I drove him to the offices, which were about 30 minutes away, then worked on article pitches in a spare office for three hours, until the evaluator and Ian emerged from their testing room three hours later. He has three more days of that kind of testing and two days of SATs in the next two weeks. Extra treats for the autistic young man.

But I’m trying to have fun with all these chores now and be less angry. So, when Ian finished, we explored the downtown area of this little town in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains and appreciated the little horse farms and leafy streets. I convinced Steve to knock off early from work, so we’re all going to take a pre-dinner hike.

Over the weekend, I ditched everyone on Friday night and met the girlfriends for drinks. And on Saturday, we left Ian alone for most of the day to see Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker in Plaza Suite. I’m still not sleeping well because of all the stress, but things are better.

Some pictures from the weekend (Click on one for the slideshow):