Travel: Stowe, Vermont

On Friday, we drove five hours north to Stowe, Vermont for a three-day ski trip. It’s a long drive for a weekend, but doable.

Stowe, and the nearby Burlington, has a cool outdoorsy, hippie vibe. While I’m not much of a skier, I do love sitting by fires reading books, so I was very happy.

We stayed at a former motel turned hipster hotel. White, black, neutral decor. Small bedrooms, large common areas. A beer tap in the lobby. We could have stayed there all week.

Here are some tips from our last trip to Stowe. And here’s a story about our trek to visit Steve’s ancestors in Vermont. Tips from this trip:

Pictures from the trip. (Click on one to start a slide show.)

4 thoughts on “Travel: Stowe, Vermont

  1. Love these photos. That kind of winter holiday, with snow on the ground at the ski lodges, which is foreign to us in NZ. We do have snow. But it’s (by and large) up the mountains – with most of the accommodation/dining etc, further down below the snow line. There are exceptions where it does snow further down (even down to sea level in the South Island) – but it’s not by any means guaranteed – and often looks pretty grimy after a few days.
    This looks lovely and pristine. A winter wonderland.

    Makes me want to travel!


    1. Ann,

      The place we were staying (Schweitzer, Idaho) had very pristine snow. There were about 5 feet of packed snow at the base and about 6 feet at the top, lots of drifts of snow in the village, and more snow falling off and on our entire stay. Basically, a Hallmark Christmas movie. It was supposedly 14 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 10 Celsius) but it really didn’t feel that cold.

      Of course, it was also so snowy that we repeatedly got stuck and I was thrilled that we managed to get below the snowline and to the airport the last day…


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