Happy Labor Day!

My last blog post was from my newsletter. It’s political and related to disability stuff, so nobody is going to read it. Let me put something happy and lifestyle-y on top of the blog.

What are we doing this weekend?

Tomorrow, we having family and friends who blend with family over for a BBQ. On the menu: pork tenderloin, various grilled vegetables, side salads, and the cocktail of the day – The Swizzle!

We’re finishing off the punch list of chores on the exterior of the house. Too bad that we paid the contractor before he 100% finished the job. It’s mostly painting, which is not terribly challenging, so I’m not that upset.

And when that’s done, Ian and Steve and I will drive into New York City to look at art.

Honestly, that’s a perfect weekend for us. I hope that you all do whatever you find the most fun and enjoy the last bits of summer.

10 thoughts on “Happy Labor Day!

  1. That drink sounds incredibly sweet. The pork chops look good. This weekend I will do yard work (time to plant the fall garden) and maybe bottle some of my hot sauce, I think it’s ready. I’ll start more hot sauce and make piles of tamales and pierogi to freeze. My neighbor gave me lots of tomatoes, so I may can some.

    It’s going to be a lovely, productive weekend.


  2. Spouse is going to a friend’s reunion in the Bay area, flying. It’s the 2nd time traveling for him and he’s used to traveling a lot (he was very excited to have reached 1 million mile status on United before the pandemic). So I & younger will be alone at home for the weekend.

    My guess is that I’ll be abandoned by the teen.

    So, my plan is to play with the huge number of flowers I just acquired at our local destination market. It’s start of the end of dahlia season, though looking at my records, maybe I’ll get as much as 5 more weeks?

    I will not be at all productive in anyone else’s sense of the word.


    1. 2nd trip since the pandemic (and the 1st was in Sept 2020 to help with pandemic move in for elder’s delayed college start).


  3. Laura wrote, “Honestly, that’s a perfect weekend for us. I hope that you all do whatever you find the most fun and enjoy the last bits of summer.”

    I’m looking forward to the best time of the year starting in about two weeks.

    We’re going to gradually exit summer (highs this week 95-98 degrees), and by the end of September, it will be gorgeous outside and hopefully stay that way until early November.

    It’s a shame that the kids don’t get their summer vacation in the fall…


  4. Our new cocktail is the Vermont gimlet, different proportions to taste but mine if 5 parts botanical gin (like Uncle Val’s), 1 part lime juice, 1-2 parts maple syrup, over ice. Currently visiting my parents, just had an outdoor visit with high school friends, walked the dog, hit the bookstore and record store. My panzanella and my mom’s traditional sour cream/mushroom chicken for dinner.

    Happy Labor Day!


    1. That Vermont gimlet looks good.

      I am blissfully alone in my house for the next 2 days. My husband brought S back to Ithaca and will take the slow way home so he can do some shooting, my son declined to come home for Labor Day weekend, and I am alternately working and binge-ing Everything’s Gonna Be Okay, an incredibly twee but fascinating tv show about a 20-something Australian entomologist who stays in CA to care for his two younger half-sisters, one of whom is autistic, when their father passes away. The family is wealthy and lives in a gorgeous house, which cushions their quirkiness. But it’s still kind of interesting. I don’t want to spoil the big S2 development, but when it happens, it seems obvious in retrospect.


  5. In happy news, I see that Hometown U.’s COVID positivity rate has been dropping. The year started with positivity a smidge over 1%, but it’s fallen to 0.7%.

    (They’re testing both unvaccinated students and employees twice a week and sick students, with an exemption for vaccinated students and staff, so the positivity is higher than what you would get from testing everybody.)


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