What’s Going On Here?

Because it’s my birthday, I’m reflecting on the past year. It’s been a weird one for sure. I’m looking forward to getting the kids back in school on September 1, because I’m going to spend all day writing. I have a lot to say.

Abandoned by government, schools, and the community during this pandemic, my family had to fight to protect each other. We arranged adventures for Ian. We ate good food. We tried to channel our anger into political activism.

My sister took Ian to a pool and a bagel place for lunch, so I’ve got a little time to blog. But instead of writing, I’m going to post pictures. This is just some of the stuff that we have done this month.

12 thoughts on “What’s Going On Here?

  1. Pictures make me smile and I also like taking pictures of my shadow. But, I’ve forgotten how to wear shoes.


  2. Because Giuliani never understood the watch scene in “Pulp Fiction,” for $199 you can get him to wish you a happy birthday.


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