A Royal Mess: An American’s Thoughts on Meghan, Harry, Oprah, and the Queen, Part 2

This is Part 2 of a series of posts on Harry and Meghan. Here’s Part 1and Part 3 and Part 4 and Part 5 and Part 6.

So, what do these gossip blogs actually say about Meghan, Harry, and the Royals? And what do I actually believe?

Let me answer the second question first. I don’t believe everything on those gossip blogs, especially the more outrageous claims. The more modest claims, especially those that are acknowledged and spun by her side, are believable. But you decide. I’ll list some of the dirt that I can pull together in one hour. There’s a whole lot more, but I think sixty minutes is enough time for this. Then you tell me what you think is real and what isn’t.

Also, let me just add that the gossip blogs have also been bitchy about Andrew, who they callUncle Pervy,” Prince Philip, who sounds like a giant ass, and William, when he had the affair. The nickname word for Meghan in these blogs is “the alliterate one.”

  • Meghan leaked information about William’s affair. I guess a friend was involved. Andrew and Fergie leaked information about Meghan to distract from their own issues.
  • Meghan trying really hard to portray herself as a wonderful person.
  • Meghan wasn’t nice to Camilla. Or to Charles. Or Adele.
  • After Megexit, she trying to use her fame to get a discount on housing. They’ve been trying to get big speaking fees, even though Harry isn’t supposed to work here.
  • Meghan’s life pre-Harry involved some “yachting” — American female celebrities who “date” various Uber-rich folks on big boats on the Mediterranean, where favors are exchanged. I am not convinced of this. They said Pippa did this, too.
  • Meghan’s friends were the sources behind the Freedom book. Some of her friends are problematic.
  • While I’m searching, let me give the gossip on Kate Middleton: Kate makes a point of showing that she’s the polar opposite of Meghan. Kate’s pissed about the affair.
  • They hint that Harry has a secret kid, living in North Carolina.
  • Meghan’s relationship with her father is very complicated. He was given money to be quiet.
  • Meghan tried to delay the release of the James Cordon interview, because Oprah wanted to be first.
  • Meghan wasn’t happy with her status within the royal family.
  • Meghan’s never, ever going back to England again.
  • Taxes will be a big issue.
  • Lots of in-fighting about Frogmore Cottage. Should the cousin pay rent? Who paid the British taxpayers back for the renovations?
  • When she was in college, did she get in trouble for hazing her sorority pledges?
  • She called the paps to get good pictures of her and planted stories in the British tabloids. She comments on social media, but pretends to be someone else.
  • She invited people to her wedding that she had never spoken to before. Some of those guests are no longer friends with her. Did the same for a baby shower.
  • She wants to get involved in politics.
  • Who pays for their security was a BIG issue for awhile, but the gossiper stopped talking about that for some reason.
  • It’s been very hard for her to move ahead with her plans this year, because of COVID and because of her demands.
  • Oprah has been itching for this interview for a long time.
  • Rumors of the frictions go back a long time.
  • She only liked doing the fancy charity gigs.
  • She started demanding speaking fees and paid appearances and freebie clothes and even a salary, back when she was still a senior member of the family. Other scams were also going on.
  • She had to be told to be nice to regular people, but she still wasn’t.
  • Poor Harry is a constant theme. She has isolated Harry from his family and friends. The classic move of an abuser. She used him for the titles.
  • Back in 2019, they knew that Meghan was the reason for the rift between the brothers.
  • The staff at Buckingham Palace is extremely pissed about things that Meghan is going to say about them on Sunday and is going to continue to expose her. Her treatment of staff and nannies is only the first story that we’re going to hear about.

I’m going to hit publish and then go upstairs for a glass of wine. I reserve the right to come back down to my office to add more links.

UPDATE: More links…

9 thoughts on “A Royal Mess: An American’s Thoughts on Meghan, Harry, Oprah, and the Queen, Part 2

  1. I’ve been expecting a divorce for some time. I give it 1-5 years. MM’s previous marriage lasted 2011-2013, her parents divorced when she was 6, and of course Harry’s parents divorced when he was around 12.

    Some of the complaints about MM look really petty, but at the same time, I can’t help but notice that she has a long history of exploding relationships, and the common factor in all of those exploded relationships is her.


      1. Ahh BPD, the diagnosis of choice for women who violate our norms of politeness and civility. Maybe she’s just an asshole; do we have to medicalize her “condition” and stigmatize mental health.


    1. https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/between-the-generations/201902/if-my-parents-are-divorced-is-my-marriage-doomed-fail

      “The statistics vary, but one study by researchers Paul Amato and Danelle Deboer indicated that if a woman’s parents divorced, her odds of divorce increased 69 percent, while if both a husband and wife’s parents divorced, the risk of divorce increased by 189 percent. They cite 10 other longitudinal studies over 20 years that reached similar results. Put plainly, they explain that, “parental divorce is one of the best documented risk factors for marriage dissolution” (Amato & Deboer, 2001, p. 1038).”


  2. “I learned about BPD from female bloggers who diagnosed themselves with it.”

    I don’t know if this is meant to be ironic or not. . .


    1. I think self-diagnosis with BPD is in the DSM as an criteria for anti-social personality disorder.


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