Gift Guide 2020 #6 – Teen Girls

My three beautiful teen/young adult nieces helped me create a list of cool, asperational holiday gifts:

12 thoughts on “Gift Guide 2020 #6 – Teen Girls

  1. Dried lavender is also nice and giftable.

    You can use it for tea, lemonade, baking, syrup, baths, put in sachets and stick in a drawer, whatever you like.

    I’m about to have a cup of lavender tea right now.

    Dried rose petals are also nice, but I haven’t been able to find a good source.


    1. I guess the sweatpants are a “limited edition” item (“newest Aviator Nation drop “). My kiddo had a friend who had hired another friend to use bots to search for Supreme drops, buy, and then resell items (in middle school!). The hired friend wrote the software, no capital needed. But the first friend was running a business requiring investment and risk, assumption though, because the kid had to buy the item for resale (and, be able to resell). He wore the clothing, too, which provided some risk mitigation. I think he started with a generous birthday fund (of the kind well off kids with well off grandparents get).


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