Gift Guide 2020 #1 – 24/7 Home Life

It’s hard to really overstate the life-altering impact of the pandemic. It was huge. Because this a gift guide, and because I’m hoarding all the depressing information for an article that I’m currently writing, we are only going to talk about good changes here. Shut up with your food pantry lines and your sad kids who aren’t learning to read! The rule is “ONLY FUN STUFF HERE!”

Well, at least for the next two weeks.

One of the major changes is having all members of our family home all the time. Good Lord, they are home all. the. time. Sigh. Which means that home has to be a top notch sort of place.

We’ve made a bunch of changes in our home big and small. One of the biggest changes was turning a rarely used kids’ recreation room into a more grown-up space for tv watching or doing homework. This process was aided by a flood and insurance money.

I’ll do a blog post on it in two weeks, after the last two pieces of pieces of furniture arrive. Today, I’m just going to talk about online furniture.

This space was entirely furnished with hand-me downs (the rug), furniture that was demoted from the living room (sofa), and cheap online stuff. I wanted cheap stuff for this space, because the room is strictly for family and with expected heavy usage from teenagers.

Still in the mail is a small, modern/rustic accent chair for occasional book reading near the window or for pulling up to the TV to watch the Super Bowl (whenever we’re allowed to have tv-watching parties again). I considered this one from Pottery Barn and this one from Wayfair. Surprisingly, I bought one from Home Depot. It’s cute and only $200. Here’s a similar one on Amazon. It will look great with a faux-fur throw.

My rug is a hand-me-down. It’s not awesome, but it’s 100% wool and perfectly serviceable, so we’re just dealing with it. I might consider replacing it with one of these.

To pick up on the pinks and oranges in the rug, I bought Studio McGee pillows at Target and IKEA in similar colors. Sofa throw blankets do make great gifts, because we’re all snuggling on the sofa watching Netflix these day, instead of going out to cute sushi bars.

Did you upgrade your TV yet? We bought a big-assed TV and love it. In our soon-to-be-delivered media stand, we’ll pile on all the new and vintage video game systems in this house. Got a Switch, yet?

Also in the room… A pub-height table with an electrical outlet, a round coffee table, an industrial/farmhouse reading lamp, and some coasters for my tea.

One thought on “Gift Guide 2020 #1 – 24/7 Home Life

  1. We bought our first real sofa (cheap beige leather) in 2001 when my husband got his first job.
    We made it work for a number of years, even with a third child, but eventually we were in the situation of the Simpson family in the opener–the 5 of us could not fit on a normal-sized sofa and someone always wound up exiled to a chair.

    We eventually got a grandma sofa scholarship and bought a MASSIVE chocolate brown leather sofa that we all fit on. That was a couple years ago, and it’s one of the best things we’ve ever done for our home.

    Next stop: some sort of living room media solution that is not a plethora of IKEA bookshelves in randomly chosen wood finishes, and that ideally involves opaque doors to stuff board games and unsightly electronic stuff behind.

    I don’t even aspire to escape IKEA entirely, but mostly just to move on to better IKEA.


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