My “Baby”

In the midst of a pandemic, little life events still happen. My baby turns 18 today. (Here’s a glimpse of him at 2. After I wrote this, two people emailed me to say that he might be autistic.)

7 thoughts on “My “Baby”

  1. Happy 18th to Ian.

    And, I love that description of him at 2. “His red-blond hair floated in the wind”. Does 18 deserve a poetic ode to your baby, too?

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  2. Happy birthday to Ian! Those are adorable pix. I agree with bj that there should be a poetic ode.

    In other news, I also love Matthew Rhys, but we’ve been watching the original Perry Mason for the last year or so and it’s sacrilege to remake it.

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    1. My mom always used to tease my father about how he didn’t win all his cases like Perry Mason did. Dad started responding that he would win all the time if his clients were innocent all the time.


  3. Thanks, all. It was strange to have a virtuous extended family birthday on Zoom. We all sang happy birthday (with a two second time delay) and he blew out the candles. It was strangely fun.


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