Bedroom Reno

It’s Girlie Friday, so let me show you the before-and-after of our quickie bedroom redo. Basically, we just pulled the wallpaper down. I got a $150 headboard on Wayfair and a new duvet cover at Pottery Barn. We put in a new light fixture. That was it.

I know I still need more art on the walls, but I usually take forever to figure out what’s going to go where. Art will happen eventually.

The first picture is the real estate picture from the original owner. We just dumped our stuff in the room seven years ago and then really did nothing. The furniture are mostly hand-me-downs from dead people; the chair and side table are new.

11 thoughts on “Bedroom Reno

  1. Wow, you have room for a comfy chair in you bedroom. . . And books!
    Good decision on the wallpaper strip removal.


    1. That was my first thought. Our NYC apartment may be worth more than Laura’s house (not sure how big the house is or what town it’s in), but we sure don’t have a bedroom anywhere near that size.


    2. I also had that thought. Our bedroom is pretty big, but Laura’s looks bigger. But, wide angle pictures of rooms do distort scale. How big is the rug? And I’m looking at those gorgeous windows and thinking there needs to be some seating there. But, maybe that’s the 10 year old me, who would have loved to curl to read by those windows.


      1. We also have blinds. But, we are also able to leave them open all the time (no neighbors looking in) and we do poorly with blinds that we have to raise and open. Do you also have the privacy to leave the blinds open?

        I’ve been looking into motorized blinds for a while now (for sun) and haven’t found anything great.


  2. I am struck by the lack of staging in the real estate photo. It seems like here, everyone stages houses to within an inch of the house’s life (including cute blackboards with shopping lists and reminders). Maybe a change over the last decade?


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