Civil War Era Readers

I’m selling books on the Internet today. Thought I would share some pictures, as I’m going along.

Check out these two readers from around the Civil War. That’s before our system of public education had been established. These were probably used by a Laura Ingalls Wilder-type school teacher in one house school house. I haven’t researched them yet, but they’re cool.

7 thoughts on “Civil War Era Readers

  1. I’m curious whether you see much specifically Protestant content in them. (I’ve been reading about Thomas Nash’s anti-Catholic cartoons lately, and that has me curious about the public vs. Catholic school debates of the time.)


  2. Speaking of Laura Ingalls Wilder, have you read Prairie Fires? It’s great. Just used a bit of it for my women’s studies class.


  3. You say Civil War era, I’m curious what they say (if anything) about the issues of that time. One thing I’ve learned as an adult is how different my education, at private schools in the North founded by Protestants (although there were a lot of Jewish students in my time in NYC), was from that of those educated at public schools controlled by urban Democrats. We were taught the Civil War as an unalloyed triumph, where in justice and equality and our ancestors triumphed. Others I have read, such as Nat Hentoff, relate a very different educational experience.


    1. y81 said, “You say Civil War era, I’m curious what they say (if anything) about the issues of that time.”

      I would bet on a certain amount of content lag.

      It would be interesting to compare to previous editions, if any.


  4. I sure wish I could zoom in and see more clearly the photos which are very small when trying to view them.
    They look amazing but so tiny.


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