Hunting Sweaters

Beyond some boring paperwork (Gah! I hate invoicing) and a review of the education newsletters, not much work happened today. I did a weight lifting class at the local gym, which I hated. Give me some loud nasty music and a bike, and I’m happy to exercise as long as you like. Planks and barbells are the worst. But they tell me that after 50, it’s super important. Sigh. So, I forced myself to get there this morning.

Then I met up with my 83-year old mom at the mall with stops along the way at the Post Office to mail out a used book and the gas station. Well, I attempted to meet up with my mom. She was waiting for me at a Starbucks at a different mall. Because in Jersey, there are a bazillion malls with nearly the same name.

No worries. I had a lot to do without Sylvia slowing me down.

I first went to Macy’s and Sephora looking for gifts for my three teenage nieces, specifically affordable make-up kits that weren’t marketed by a former stripper. I was going for light pinks and blushes, rather than black smoky eyes and gold glitter and thigh high boots. Didn’t find what I was looking for, so I’ll have to go out again tomorrow.

J. Crew is having a big sale. If you get their credit card, it’s 70 percent off everything. So, I got this blouse, buttoned sweater, v-neck sweater, one for Steve, and a scarf for him.

Next up is some computer clean up, which I suppose counts as work, and then getting Ian ready for his holiday concert. He’s a percussionist. We’ll leave with his concert outfit on, pick up Wendy’s, and drive to my folks who live near his school. I need my Dad’s help with Ian’s tie. I’ve tied Jonah’s tie before using a YouTube tutorial, but my dad’s home and can do it better. Somewhere in there, I’ll eat dinner and meet up with Steve at Ian’s school.

Thoughts and prayers for Jonah who is taking his last final this evening. He’s doing very well in his humanities classes, but taking a thumping in his STEM classes this semester. Let’s hope the gods are with him this finals week, or he’ll be picking a new major over break.

5 thoughts on “Hunting Sweaters

  1. “..that weren’t marketed by a former stripper…” Hey! Whassamatta former strippers??? Stormy Daniels gotta pay off that judgment somehow!


  2. Unless they boot Jonah from his major I would not let 1 bad semester cause a major change. I did that and always regretted it. (Unless he really wants to change – but generally gpas are lower in STEM.)


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