Before we get all pundit-y gleeful about the upcoming Kavanaugh circus at 10, let’s remember that what we are witnessing is most definitely a TRAGEDY. Two people are about to be humiliated and tortured and only one person actually deserves it.

Ford is most likely truthful and accurate, but there is a chance that she’s not. I would feel much, much better if he had been voted out because of his position on Roe v Wade. That’s clean and neat. This isn’t.

You know what his high school calendar tells me, as someone with teenage boys? He’s been planning for greatness since he’s been a kid. Teenage boys almost never keep records like this. They don’t have the executive skills.

And notice how he simply writes “interview for Brown” on his calendar without a time? He isn’t reminding himself about going to the interview. He’s keeping record for future historians. And he saved his calendar.

And he put his exercise routine on his calendar. I’m only doing that in my 50s, and I used to be an athlete. He was a highly, highly, unusual regimented kid who completely exploded on weekends.

And now all those exploded weekends might undo all the careful planning during the rest of the week.

Now, he’ll either never have that history book about himself or he’ll get one with a very fat chapter with lots of horrible information.

And Ford herself seems to have been tortured by this high school experience, even considering moving to New Zealand to get away from hearing about BK.

Two people are about to humiliate themselves in public. This is so sad.

9 thoughts on “Tragedy

  1. It ends up that I know a surprising number of people who went to Yale in the mid 1980s. Some of them knew Kavanaugh and were not impressed. My read on Kavanaugh’s character is that he will do anything for the approval of men he considers admirable, even humiliate himself. He’s consistently done this throughout high school, college, law school up to the present.

    I have a bunch of old calendars in a box somewhere. Not sure if I have them from college, but I definitely have some from grad school.


    1. You are absolutely right. I had some negative college experiences. But I also knew a lot of really amazing men in college, not the least of which is my husband.


      1. I wasn’t really thinking about not insulting already grown men. I have a son right on the cusp of high school and don’t think the message will do him any good regardless of what he hears at home.


      2. Yeah, me too (in a good way). There was a lot of drinking in my co-ed dorm, with both men and women involved. The entire time I lived there I heard one report of a “date rape” (a term just beginning in the 80s, I think). Most guys behaved just fine – sometimes stupid, but not mean or abusive. My college boyfriend was a great guy; I had two close male friends in high school, both great guys who are still friends.


      3. I’m speaking about men in general. Men who grew up during that time didn’t have to be assholes even though it was a crappy, asshole-y environment sometimes.

        And yes, agreed about worrying about the message we’re sending to boys today.


  2. I disagree with you on the calendar. I had an identical calendar for all four of my years in college in the 1980s. An event would be put on without any particular time, because there would be another document that would have the time on it. There was not enough space on the calendar to enter all the events and their times, and he probably had some vague knowledge of when in the day the interview was. In any event, I find thirty-year old calendar interesting. I’ve also saved mine, not because they will be needed for history, because they almost certainly won’t be needed, but because they seem like something that should be saved, and they do not take up much space.


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