Everyday Fashion

Chris, my brother, on the phone: Hi, La. Happy Birthday.
Me: Thanks, Keek.
Chris: Whatcha going to do today?
Me: I’m actually working right now on the stupid xxx article and then I have a 9:30 spin class. At noon, we’re going into the city to go the fashion exhibit at the Met [the Catholic Imagination at the Metropolitan Museum of Art] and then we’ll get Chinese food or something.
Chris: the fashion exhibit? With the boys?
Me: Yeah, it’s my birthday, so they have to do the things that I want to do. So, we’ll walk around looking at dresses making witty remarks. Well, they’ll be slightly bitchy remarks, but we’ll call them witty —
Chris: — a Queer Eye episode in other words.
Me: Exactly. I have to do boy things for 364 days a year, so for my birthday, they have do a girl thing.

And my guys were champs and gave me as much time as I needed to ooh and aah over the beautiful dresses in a beautiful place and, really, no one was bitchy at all.

Here are some pictures of the exhibit. I want to go back again and reshoot the pictures with more people in the background. I love the contrast between people in their everyday tourist shorts and t-shirts and a few extra pounds gazing at the elegant manikin.



6 thoughts on “Everyday Fashion

  1. Mostly, I am so impressed that you got your family to go on a field trip to a fashion exhibit. Your photos are great.

    I have to say, those catholic inspired fashions are wild. They almost, but not quite, out-do some of the real-life catholic ceremonial garb.

    Have you seen the 20-foot long red silk cape that bishops used to wear (and still do, if they like dressing up). It’s called the “cappa magna”.

    An example:

    1. Yes. My wife wanted to go appreciate art in Cleveland and the rest of us wouldn’t go. Of course, it wasn’t her birthday.

    1. Have you been to see the part of the exhibit at the Cloisters? I’ve heard it’s the best. Going to check it out, after I get the college kid out of here.

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