Spring Shots

I’m downloading my cameras and thought I would share. April and May were marvelous.

Jonah’s back, but only sort of. He’s taking a summer class at our state college, so he’s already moved into his off-campus housing, aka the disgusting, sticky, six guys/one shower, party palace. Oh, yay. Note to self — Bring some hand sanitizer next you visit.

In between work and the usual chores, we’ve found time for a concert, a get-away night in a hotel for our anniversary, celebrations, and laughter.

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One thought on “Spring Shots

  1. My sophomore year was a six-guy-one-shower place also. One day, one roommate made us all get together and clean the fridge. We pulled out the bottom drawer and this disturbed a layer of scummy water that collected below it. One guy vomited from the smell. Another time, a friend of one of my roommates was visiting and got sick. He threw up in the cold air return and said, “Don’t worry, I hit the drain.”


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