Happy New Year

Happy New Years.png

I survived another holiday. Woot!

My computer is back in the office/guest room, and I have a nice glass of wine in hand. Woot!

I fed a lot of people. My Fitbit said that I burned 3,000 calories and did nearly 20,000 steps on Christmas Eve.

I’m downloading pictures.  I plan on shamelessly drunk blogging for the rest of the evening.

3 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. We’re in NY for another 15 hours or so. We bought my mom gin and Campari, so we’ll be having negronis later.

    2017 did give me one good thing: a new ship. Thanks to Star Wars, I’m obsessed with “Reylo.” So is my sister. She is making a Tumblr right now, in fact. #fuckit50s


  2. Happy New Year! (And Merry Christmas.)

    I got a book by Keith Wrightson. Also an iphone docking station, so now I will be able to listen to music while baking, without having to blast it from the living room.


  3. Have you guys seen this yet? It’s a Christmas movie generator.


    I was planning on posting this before seeing y81’s comment, but now that I’ve seen it, I will add, “Big city lawyer discovers the true spirit of Christmas, leaves big city and starts small town bakery.”

    Alternately, y81 finds himself contractually obligated to BE Santa Claus and hilarity ensues.

    This is also fun:


    It’s a set of Bingo sheets for watching Hallmark Christmas movies.

    Mary Katharine Ham adds on Twitter, “A thing I forgot to put in my Hallmark Movie Bingo: Straight men who are super excited to decorate for Christmas. They’re everywhere!”


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