Gift Guide 2017 – Girlie Shit

My work-at-home uniform is a pair of skinny jeans, ankle boots, layers on top. If I go out, I’ll swap out the flannel shirt with something lacy.

Ankle boots are super important. Seychelles ankle boots are seriously the most comfortable pair of shoes that I have ever owned. I bought another pair last week; these ones will look good with a mini skirt. More good boots here, here, and here.

Lacy tops are easy. Ann Taylor has 50% off right now. I’m waiting for this one and this one to arrive in the mail.

I tried StitchFix this month. I was just alright. I’ll give it one more try.

Purses are important. I like crossbody bags and totes.

Jewelry this year has to be very, very simple and quality. No more big clunky jewelry from J. Crew or massive bracelets. It’s all very feminine right now. Long necklaces with very small gems like this one,  or bar necklaces like this one from Shinola or this one on Etsy. Longer pendants with a gem stones work, too.

And a good girlie romance novel? Something from Christine Milan — her characters are always super damaged, so it’s amusing — or Eloisa James — she’s an English professor, so it fits with the academic theme of this blog.

I’m loving this Zara coat.

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10 thoughts on “Gift Guide 2017 – Girlie Shit

  1. “Purses are important. I like crossbody bags and totes.”

    I appreciate the functionality, but bags with both tote handles and a crossbody strap are hideous. Sad!

    This fall the youngest is basically potty trained, so I have finally moved from carrying a mom emergency kit backpack everywhere (diapers, baby wipes, plastic bags to hold wet or dirty clothes, change of clothes for youngest, Tylenol, Benadryl, bandaids, Purell, water bottle, etc.) to keeping that bag in the car and enjoying the glorious freedom of a 10 inch $28 crossbody purse that holds phone, wallet and sunglasses and almost nothing else. I’ve never carried a purse routinely, so this is a big deal for me.

    Going forward, I’m trying to avoid the HUGE mom tote bags. If you’re going to carry around the 5-gallon bucket of ladies’ bags, why not do a backpack instead? Aside from the temptation to overpack, if you carry around a huge bag, family members will ask you to carry their stuff, and we don’t want that.

    If/when I move up in purse, Fossil has some very pretty bags, like the one Laura has on the right. I also like this ones:

    ($71 today!)

    I also think that the man purse/media bag is a category worth investigating. I’ve seen some nice ones at DSW. (Apparently, all you need to make a leather purse manly is a thick strap.)


    1. I use a Herschel backpack for every day (walking the dog, doing the school run to and from, etc). And the smaller Herschel. I have a small cross body purse that fits inside and a few other things (a book I’m reading, earbuds/charger, small journal and pens).

      For something slightly more dressy, I have leather Stowe tote. I also have an almost vintage Coach duffle (back when Coach was a quality item). And a small simple black leather cross body for parties (yay for hands free dancing). But it’s about 20 years old and I don’t think they make it anymore.

      I splurged on some Italian-made ankle boots in a distressed metallic and love them! That and a pair of black leather chucks (birks in the summer) are in regular rotation.

      It rains here a ton on the west coast so a quality rain coat is a huge deal. I have a Lululemon one from a few years back when again, they had a higher level of quality. Good for layering when it gets a little colder. Oh, and rainboots! Tossed the old pair and bought these:


    2. You think if you wrapped a pillow sham around an Instant Pot it would count as ‘girlie shit’? Of course it would!


  2. I carry the Keen Brooklyn bag, which is just big enough to fit an iPad, a small camera, and a notebook or book. They keep changing it, and I still prefer the older models.

    I’ve been liking the Cole Haan Lyla boot, which claims to be waterproof and has a double zipper. But haven’t thoroughly tested the waterproof yet.


    1. Waterproof shoes annoy me except in the very coldest part of winter. Sweat doesn’t escape so you wind up with your feet always damp instead of occasionally wet.


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