5 thoughts on “How To Age Well

  1. Now, I have gotten tubby, and wrinkly, and gone on with my life. As a mick, built for a nasty foggy island in the North Atlantic, I wear a sun hat, and I only smoked for six months, so my skin is pretty decent for my age. And I am married, I am not trying to gain the attention of women! So my strategy is to pretty much ignore it.


  2. In the context of the Weinstein saga, I couldn’t help but note that her first significant role came with a film produced by her eventual husband. Of course, she has then remained married to him for the next 30+ years and the couple seems to be one of Hollywood’s counter examples. So, presumably not a price she paid for being cast. I hope so, anyway.

    I can see a wide array of circumstances where I think it’s unacceptable for a person to ask (when the askee is a student, or someone who works for you, or a child, or someone you are paying, . . . .). But, it really can’t be unacceptable to ask when you’ve just met and are thinking about collaborating in the future? And, if it were, one would imagine that the power differential would play out by *not* giving the powerless person opportunity because the powerful person would like to start a relationship (i.e. the nepotism laws, which limited women’s options or the women who got fired because their boss (Christian Ott, for example) was “falling in love”).


  3. How to Age Well: Be as extraordinarily talented at something as Frances McDormand is at acting.

    Here’s what the article says about working with her husband: “From the start, they met each other’s instincts with unquestioning courtesy. “It was a revelation that I could have a lover who I could also work with and I wasn’t intimidated by the person,” McDormand told me. In past relationships, she struggled against feeling subservient, trapped in fraught sexual power dynamics. “But that didn’t happen with Joel. It was: Wow! Really! Oh, my God! I can actually love and live — not subvert anything, not apologize for anything, not hide anything.””


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