Lake George Snapshots

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  1. Thanks for these pics and extra info. My family (of origin, i.e., mom and sisters and BILs and kids) all do a summer vacation together every year. (This summer was a brief camping trip in the Catskills–in many ways, the easiest trip because it’s cheap and we go to the same place every time.) We have done Lake George twice now. I’ve forwarded the website for this place to my sisters.
    Traveling with the sisters is SO HARD because everyone wants different things. One BIL insists on having AC. One sister insists that she does not want to cook (unless we’re camping–it’s more “if I’m paying this much and traveling this far, I don’t want to cook”). Two of my BILs insist on having some sort of fire pit or place to hang out all together and drink beer in the evenings. For a while we had to have a fence because of my youngest nephew, who was a runner. My other sister is constantly poor because she has cancer and can’t work a full-time job, so we have to find a cheaper place even though 3 of us can afford more expensive. My mom now wants to bring her dog. It’s enough to make us all crazy for about a month until we find The Place.


  2. We stayed at Blue Water Manor in Bolton. See the cabin pictures. The cabins were new and clean and fancy. No kitchens, but fridge. There’s a fantastic tavern right there. See picture of the big fireplace. And lots of nearby places to eat. It was half off in September. They recently added a wedding baquet hall, which is lovely, but don’t stay when there’s a wedding going on. Too many parties in the nearby cabins. They have firepites, too.

    If you want traditional cabins, I heard good things about the Candle Light Cabins. We’re also stayed at O’Connor cabins, which are fine if you are on a budget and you want to cook for yourself.

    We had dinner at The Sagamore. Totally worth it for the view. Food was pretty good.


    1. Dinner is always tough for us because we are a group of 16, including littles! But these places look good. We did Scottie’s one year and O’Sullivan’s another. I will also look at Candle Light Cabins. However, we also have to stay closer to the town because allegedly it’s such a short walk. And yet, people inevitably take the bus/trolley thing and it’s only my husband and I who end up walking. LOL.


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