The Evacuees Are On Their Way

I’m not talking about kneeling. I’m talking about importance stuff. I’m talking about the humanitarian crisis that is going to pull into JFK airport in the next week.

Yes, we can avoid thinking about humanitarian crisises in Syria and Yemen. Those people live there, and very few are coming here. It’s sad, no doubt, but most people quickly forget about it, because, hey! Prince Harry is getting engaged!

Puerto Rican are Americans. They can arrive without visas as soon as those planes are up in the air again. Some will come and stay with relatives. Others are just going to show up here. We are going to have to find room for three million people — more people than the population of several states — who may or may not have any resources or savings. In the next few weeks, they are going to arrive in New York City and Miami looking for housing, schools, food, and jobs. Are our cities ready for them?

It doesn’t look like Puerto Rico is going to be able to rebuild for years. Their shaky government and economic situation will make a bad situation worse. It’s too bad. It’s a lovely country with so much opportunity, especially for tourism.

5 thoughts on “The Evacuees Are On Their Way

  1. Ron Chernow just finished another giant doorstopper, in case historically-based show tunes in a common trait for Puerto Ricans.


  2. I’ve seen some interesting analysis on the potential impact of this on electoral politics. Probably may not change much in New York, but may have a significant impact on Florida politics, if Puerto Ricans arrive there in the numbers that are being projected.


  3. Seems somewhat similar to the New Orleans -> Houston emigration, which had significant impact on both areas. The scale might be bigger, but, not necessarily because the ease of movement will be harder for Puerto Rico, even though it is America. TIme for people to set up their experiments now!


  4. Oooh. Interesting election angle. I was thinking about it terms of schools. Semi-debating about writing the impact on schools for the venue that pays crappy money, but gets lots of traffic. I just finished an article for a diferent venue. The next one doesn’t start until Monday. So, squeeze in a quick article or go check out the Outlander themed clothes at Macy’s? Hmmmm….


    1. As someone who loves pop culture, cosplay and all things fandom-related, I am finding that I draw a line at fandom-themed clothing. T-shirts are ok, but the understated “themed” clothing lines just do not do it for me.


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