Question of the Day – Vacation Plans

We’re still tweaking our vacation plans for the summer, because we have to work around college orientation, an Outward Bound trip, and the marching band schedule. We know that we’re doing three days in the North Carolina mountains and three days at the North Carolina shore, though we are still working out the exact days. There will be other smaller trips to the beach and the woods, too.

Question of the Day – What great vacation plans do you have lined up for the summer?


19 thoughts on “Question of the Day – Vacation Plans

  1. We have a summer house, but we rent it out in July. So this weekend, we’re going to a resort in Vermont (we will still be money good, as a week’s rental of the summer house is more than a long weekend at a resort). Also we will visit some friends in Connecticut another weekend (definitely money good there). Then in August we get our house back and go for two continuous weeks plus weekends through Labor Day and a little beyond. For the first time we’re at the point where there’s no pre-school shopping and doctors’ appointments, no early sports, no starting college, no transferring college, etc., so we can have all August free (other than my own job, of course).


    1. Do you rent it out to friends or do you use a rental agency? I can’t bring myself to rent out our place. Don’t like strangers in our place.

      I console myself with the idea that having a summer place is really a lifestyle/family choice and makes little sense financially!


      1. It’s a club-style community, so renters have to be recommended by existing members and all rentals are handled through the central office. So somewhere in between friends and strangers: friends of friends, you might say, or at least friends of acquaintances. We’ve never had a problem with bad tenants. That said, it is not a profit-making venture.


  2. I remember that your daughter was unhappy at her southern college. Wake Forest, right? Where did she transfer? There are a lot of girls from our town who have had the same issues with southern colleges.


    1. I used to work for Duke. Lots of New York/New Jersey kids there. They didn’t seem appreciably worse than the rest of the kids.


    2. She transferred to Emory. Despite its location, Emory is a lot less Southern. (And because of its location, it’s a lot more urban and cosmopolitan.) She was very happy there.


  3. In early August, I am going to the World Science Fiction Convention in Helsinki. Later in the month, we will take our family bicycle tour, this time in southern Germany. A stop at Legoland, returning from Munich to Berlin.


  4. No real plans. We will go to the Catskills for a camping weekend in July with my sisters. Two nights. And in August I’ll be taking S to Ithaca and maybe dawdling on the way back to do some genealogy research in Dutchess and Ulster Counties. It might be another 7 years before I get to Europe again.


  5. In Barcelona right now (to which we’ve never been before) and were in Paris last week. I absolutely resolved to get out of the country this year (I haven’t been since 2012, except for Canada, though everyone else in the family has). We scheduled kids activities around our slot for family vacation this year, which has resulted in my 13 yo being under scheduled. Will deal with that when we get back.


    1. I read in the paper that they’re digging up Salvador Dali. Not sure if it is open to the public or not, but you can probably ask at the hotel.


  6. Just finished a lovely long weekend in Minnesota for a friend’s wedding, plus an overnight visit to another friend who also lives up there. Also took a week to visit my SO’s family (including four days of driving!). Late July will be with my family in New Hampshire – we go the same place every year and meet up with extended family for lots of lake time. This is my first summer in a long time not going full steam on a book project, so it’s much more vacationy than usual.


  7. Did an 8-day trip with the whole family to WA–mostly on the Olympic Peninsula with my family and a couple nights in Seattle. There was one hell day (involving a road closure, a long detour on a bad country highway under maintenance, a missed car rental return time, a missed shuttle bus, an unexpected drive into downtown Seattle, Baby T vomiting in the rental car, winding up with the three kids at the wrong hotel while my husband returned the car, and then dinner with kids at the right hotel at 9PM) but it was 7/8 pretty good. Even on the bad day (after the vomit episode), the ferry ride from Winslow into downtown Seattle is magnificent. The kids also got to play in the snow on Hurricane Ridge (this was June)–very exciting for little Texans. This was the first trip we have done by air as a family of five. It will probably be a few years before we do that again.

    Husband and the 12-year-old are going to go to see husband’s family in BC. The 12-year-old is going to get to do a camp of special magnificence.

    We have told the kids that if they go to Hometown U, we are going to Disneyland. I’m also plotting a one or two night trip to Sea World San Antonio next year, as Baby T loves Octonauts.

    Our travel is something like 90-95% to West Coast family, but I try to get a night or two elsewhere every year.


    1. Yes, Seattle is gorgeous. Family tried to suggest a sail day trip in the Mediterranean, but I cannot imagine how Barcelona would compete with Seattle from that vantage point. The Gothic quarter, urban life, and 2000+ history on the other hand are impressive.

      Family (extended is hanging out in Seattle next week). Have to try to get everyone to treat it as a vacation.


  8. We’d originally thought that 2017 would be the year of travel around central Canada but Mike’s acid reflux & gallstones/bile reflux have limited us to a fairly short driving distance from here (we can’t even dream of flying). It’s a challenge to get as far as Toronto (four hours) which we did for Eldest’s graduation and one or two more trips before September. We’re mostly staycationing or doing even shorter trips to Manitoulin Island, Killarney and Algonquin Park – all really local to us but lovely places we need to explore further.

    Next year or the year following, once we have his health issues under control, we plan to go to Ireland. That’ll be great fun for everyone involved.


  9. Remember when summer seemed endless? It goes by far too quickly now!

    We’ll be at our summer house doing all the lake things – waterskiing, kayaking, swimming, wake boarding, etc. Hoping to make a dent in my TBR pile. A huge stack of new board games to learn (Agricola, we’re coming at you!) plus old faves like Mancala and Patchwork.

    The clarinet and piano aren’t that mobile so I started learning guitar about 18 months ago. I’ve been playing bluegrass with some folks and will be taking it along as well. Like any musical instrument, it’s a challenge to play at a high level but unlike many, it has a relatively low barrier to entry. Perfect for the time challenged! And I can’t tell you what a joy it’s been to make music again with other people. I’ll be dusting off the clarinet this fall and am aiming at some chamber music (more small group!).


  10. I’m on night three of a four night trip to Paris, after which I’ll be spending about 2 weeks in Northern Italy and then a month and a half in Prague (probably with another trip to Italy sandwiched in there). I spent about 10 hours today in three different art museums, which was lovely but my brain is on overload. Yesterday I spent about 7 hours at the Louvre, so I’m pretty museumed out. I’m in Europe because my husband has been in Prague for the past year doing research, and I am spending the summer with him. His parents spend about 3-4 months a year in Italy, so we’re going to visit them, and my mother is going to Italy to meet them for the first time(!) My mother hasn’t been to Europe in over a decade, so she’s made a holiday out of it, first going to Germany to visit my godmother, and then spending almost a week in Paris. She didn’t really want to be in Paris all by herself, so she asked me to join her for a few days. Since the price of the air bnb (a garret in Montmartre) is the same for one or two people, and she wanted me here as her companion, she’s agreed to cover the cost of accommodation. I feel extremely lucky that I can be in some of the most beautiful parts of Europe for practically nothing, though at the same time I have a dissertation to write so most of it will have to be spent working. I fantasize about writing in beer gardens, but in the past I’ve never been able to successfully work for sustained periods of time in a place like that.


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