Is the Bar Too Low for Special Education?



In fourth grade, Drew’s behavioral problems in school grew worse. Gripped by extreme fears of flies, spills, and public restrooms, Drew began banging his head, removing his clothing, running out of the school building, and urinating on the floor. These behaviors, which stemmed from autism and ADHD, meant that Drew was regularly removed from the classroom in his suburban school outside of Denver and only made marginal academic improvement, according to court documents.

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2 thoughts on “Is the Bar Too Low for Special Education?

  1. That was a good article. But, I don’t see how the court case can end well, for everyone. The de minimis standard would basically obliterate any meaning of the law, while the standard of progress argued in the case, and the assumption of any funds required to meet that standard might indeed bankrupt school district, especially smaller ones.


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