5 thoughts on “Oh dear, there is an angry man with striped pants at my door!

  1. Speaking of which, my husband recently had a dream in which Donald Trump decided that he didn’t need to show up at the inauguration.

    (Husband is not super political, it’s funny that DT climbed into his subconscious like that.)

    1. That was really funny–but not what you say with that job.

      I actually kind of like her Inauguration outfit. I would have liked Melania in it SO much more than the weird blue thing. I’m sure the blue coat thingy kept MT warm, but it’s WEIRD–much too complicated at the top

      I was just looking at Michelle Obama’s 2013 inauguration outfit, and it’s also pretty weird. I suppose it’s a tough line to walk–being chic, but without freezing to death.

      I don’t care for the mega buttons on Jackie Kennedy’s coat/dress Inauguration ensemble, but the lines are nice and simple and don’t distract from Jackie.

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