Gift Guide 2016 – Runner’s World

A few months ago, I started running in a more serious way than I’ve done in years and years. Every morning, after I chug a cup of coffee, I lace up the shoes and go for two or three miles. Some walking, some running, but it gets done.

Part of me is really pissed off at myself for waiting until I was 50 to do this. I had been an elite runner in high school and for a little college. I always planned on getting back into running, but there was always some impediment. Usually that impediment was a hangover and a smoker’s cough.

So, now this former party girl is hauling her ass over the suburban hills of Northern New Jersey. And I feel really badass.

So, what am I wearing? Brooks sneakers, thermal running tights, Old Navy’s running pullover, a one-size bigger fleece jacket, a ski cap, a neck warmer. The trick to going running when it gets cold is wearing plenty of clothes and stripping down as needed. Also, tight running pants.

Technology is a big part of the running regime. I have my iPhone in an armband. I’m listening the “morning run” mix on Spotify and logging my miles on the Nike app.

2 thoughts on “Gift Guide 2016 – Runner’s World

  1. Old Navy’s workout gear is underrated – it’s really good! My 10 year old wears her version of that top you linked for soccer games. It’s great in the pouring rain of the PNW.

    And I need that armband but for walking the poodle rather than running (love to spin for my cardio but my knees can’t take the running).

    Doesn’t it take SO much more work to stay in shape now compared to earlier years? I find that if I miss just a week, it’s a 100 steps back rather than a few. Gone are those days in my 20’s when I could just go for a few runs and imagine feeling fitter and, ta da, I WAS fitter.


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