Should Have Listened to the Intern

In August 2015, I blogged:

Last week, before the debate, I took Jonah to the orthodontist. His front two teeth have started returning to their default gap position, but that’s another story. Jonah was stretched out in the chair with a college kid in the next chair in the row. The orthodonist sees patients in a factory-like system with a large staff of hygienists. We were the last patients of the day, so the staff was cleaning up and chatty. We started talking about the debate. They all had opinions.

Then the college kid piped up. He said that he had a summer job answering the phones in the property manager’s office for one of Trump’s hotels in the city. He said that he received phone calls all day long from people who must have googled Trump’s name for the hotel phone number and were just calling to give their support. When the college kid imitated these callers, he gave them a strong Southern accent.

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