A Quick Note on A Birthday Morning

Just came back from a morning run and am feeling very virtuous, if rather sticky. I got back into running this summer determined to lose that wiggle and jiggle on my hips. I might even be ready for a 5K in a couple of weeks.

I’m gearing up for a busy fall. I just added two new side gigs to my work load, on top of the  Atlantic responsibilities. I am still volunteering a lot of time to the disabled community in town. And I’m determined to keep running through all that.

To get all that done, I’ve had to streamline my life. I have way too many interests and hobbies. I belong to too many organizations, too many cliques. I feel responsible for too many people. I’m slowly honing things down. Concentrating on fewer things, but doing a better job with those few things.

So, this summer I’ve been purging the office and basement of the excessive side activities. All the tubes of half-used oil paints and stretched canvases in the basement are in a black bag for the garbage man. I’m hiring people to paint the laundry room, rather than spending three days doing the job myself. I’ve let the garden get weedy. I’m not spending three hours cooking complicated meals. I’m not taking pictures of home improvement projects.

I would like to spend more time traveling and writing about it. We really did have an excellent adventure with the kids this summer. The four of us were ready to keep going. Going up to Montreal, Nova Scotia, and beyond. That’s the goal. The goal is to keep going.

Alright, got an interview for an Atlantic article at 9 and lunch with family at an Indian restaurant at 12. We visited a rather terrible college yesterday and I want to blog about it. So, I’ll be back later this afternoon.

12 thoughts on “A Quick Note on A Birthday Morning

  1. I think it is excellent that you have found outlets for your creative energy that supplant “side projects”. If I remember correctly, you talked about keeping on going after the last summer trip, too.

    It’s wonderful to see how the rhythms of life change as we (and our kids, that’s big) change. I vividly remember a trip when my older was 2 and I had just found myself pregnant with younger, and thinking how we were ever going to manage (the car seats, the stroller, the snacks, . . . .) with two. And, now, they pack their own stuff, and older puts the stuff in the overhead bins, and travels alone.


    1. bj said:

      “And, now, they pack their own stuff, and older puts the stuff in the overhead bins, and travels alone.”


      We’re not quite there, but we are at the point where the kids do a pretty good first draft of packing. I give them a list, tell them to make a pile of clothes for the trip and then I go through it to make sure nothing essential is missing. They are 100% in charge of packing their own entertainment, though. Kindles help a lot–my husband usually puts a bunch of stuff on them before a trip (with some kid input).

      The kids have had their own roller bags (the fit-under-airplane-seat size) since age 4, which is when kids get issued one in our family. And amazingly, starting around 4, they really can walk through a huge airport and roll a bag and it works out.


  2. Yeah. In October, I’m going start writing for a new education website. Later this month, I’m doing some corporate consulting. Combined with the Atlantic, it will add up to a full time job, but one that I’m doing out of my basement office. I’m pretty pysched.

    Travel is so much easier these days. And more fun, because we all like doing the same things.


    1. That’s what I figured, but all my “happy birthday” comments were bounced by the server or whatever.


  3. Laura said:

    “The four of us were ready to keep going. Going up to Montreal, Nova Scotia, and beyond. That’s the goal. The goal is to keep going.”

    How about Quebec City?


    When my husband and I were drafting out possibilities for a 20th anniversary trip, he mentioned Quebec City.

    I would like to go, but I suspect that our plans are being revised down to a couple days on Vancouver Island, given that the grandparents may find the kids a bit overwhelming for the length of time that a Quebec trip would take (given our geography).



  4. Glad to hear you had a nice birthday! And I’m only 6 years younger, but I know you’ll think that this is a lot (that’s what I think about people younger than me). Thrilled to know that the new gig you picked up will pretty much add up to a full time job, YAY! That’ll help with the traveling you guys wanna do!

    Yeah, and I enjoyed reading other people’s comments about kids packing their own stuff. Mine have no choice but pack their own suitcases! Last year we were gone for 37 days in TX, Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Germany, Switzerland & they took care of all their packing and unpacking the whole time. Such a relief to have more grown up kids!


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