Do Few Things

Do few things, but do them well. That’s my new motto.

Over the past couple of months, I’ve vastly restructured my work time. I was completely over extended and frazzled. I was jumping from one thing to another – blog to published articles to Facebook to Twitter to Etsy to e-mail to parent chores to house chores to volunteer jobs. I wasn’t doing anything well. I’ve been reforming my ADHD ways and cleaning up the mess created from this lifestyle.

Two years ago, I switched blogging platforms. I moved from Typepad to WordPress.Com to WordPress.Org. In the process, I trashed my SEO. Some files were left back at Typepad. I was continuing to pay automatic charges at all three website platforms. There were automatic payments to GoDaddy for the blog url plus another half dozen urls for websites that were planned with friends, but never came to fruition.

I’m in the process of cleaning up the Internet mess and redundant payments. I’m creating a new Apt. 11D that won’t have ads in the sidebar. It will have all my files in one place for eternity. I’m still not going to be able to blog in a daily fashion. But it will be there for me (and you) for when we’re ready for it.

How did I get so over extended? Well, Steve and I speculate from time to time that grad school warped our brains. If we’re not working all the time, we feel guilty. And at the same time, grad school made me completely devalue the worth of my time and effort. I feel like I should be working all the time for free. I probably need therapy.

In lieu of professional help, I’m doing my own rehabilitation. I’m blocking out big blocks of time for particular projects and doing them well. If I’m working on an Atlantic article, then I just do that for a week or two. And then I stop and move on to the next big project. Like the books. I’ve collected a bunch of books from my weekend excursions to book sales. Sitting next to my computer are a pile of ten Zane Gray novels with lovely vintage orange covers. Now that I’ve got a critical mass of books, I’ll photograph them and sell them. (It’s surprisingly fun and profitable.)

I’m also trying to get used to the idea of just doing nothing. I’m terrible at that.

We’ve been stuck at home for the past couple of weekends, as Jonah crams for finals. No weekend bike trips or visits to city museums. Just sitting at home and periodically feeding the miserable teenager and taking the middle schooler out for ice cream. I’m not sure that we accomplished 100% lazy-time. I’ve been rearranging the art in our house, and continuing the computer clean up. But I’ve been more lazy than usual.

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