Traister on Monica

Rebecca Traister has a GREAT article on Lewinsky, Hillary Clinton, and sexism. Read the whole thing. (Thanks to Sandra for the link.)

This Vanity Fair story is not Lewinsky’s first attempt at reinvention. In the years after the affair, she designed handbags, got that graduate degree, shilled for Jenny Craig. Clinton, meanwhile, has become a senator, a secretary of state, a presidential candidate, a women’s leader; she’s cut her hair and changed her wardrobe. The reason that, no matter what they do, neither woman can ever shake this old story is that it is never-ending; and it is important. It is the story of women in the United States: marginalized, sexualized, and pitted against each other since time began in an attempt to keep them at the fringes of a power structure and very far from the top of it.


10 thoughts on “Traister on Monica

  1. Meh. Hillary Clinton as victim of oppression doesn’t move me. She’s led an awfully privileged life and left a lot of detritus behind. Daisy Buchanan. I’m also curious why the left, before attacking the Republicans for their treatment of Monica Lewinsky, doesn’t clean up its own ranks with respect to the treatment of Michelle Malkin, Sarah Palin, Condoleezza Rice etc.

  2. Daisy Buchanan

    Hilary Clinton has an awful lot of achievements, and this is so whatever one thinks of her or her politics. (I’m luke-warm on her politically.) That you think this is an appropriate comparison, though, says an awful lot about you.

    1. Other than going to Yale (modest accomplishment, I assure you!), marrying a very successful politician, making partner at a rinky-dink law firm (another modest accomplishment), and standing by her man, I am not aware of any accomplishment of Hillary Clinton. Did I hear someone mention the “reset”?

  3. I don’t see why this story is about Hillary Clinton at all. I’m sorry for her if she believes that her “emotional distance” lead to Mr. Clinton’s behavior, but I’m pretty sure that he’s a narcissistic womanizer (with a touch of actual pathology behind it), and that’s a more likely explanation of his behavior.

    1. Yeah, it’s not as if M. Lewinsky was the first. It just makes Clinton’s attempt to paint Lewinsky as a crazy stalker that much more vile.

  4. Here’s my periodic reminder that Apt. 11D is a hobby. This blogger cannot moderate comments or mediate disputes.

    1. Gee, do you think people are being nasty? (Other than to Bill and Hillary Clinton.) I didn’t think this discussion had become incivil.

    2. I didn’t think that pointing out (over and over…) that y81 has a fox-news level view of politics to be uncivil, but if you think so, I’ll try to stop.

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