Evil Commerical Alert

Say hello to Satan in an ill-fitting suit! Is this the most offensive commercial EVER?

Actually, it reminds me of that end scene in Goodfellas with Ray Liotta.


7 thoughts on “Evil Commerical Alert

  1. Well, at least he thinks it’s acceptable to take two weeks off in August. I also like the actor, and the use of “n’est-ce pas?” All those car commercials are about how awesome it is to be wealthy/carefree/fabulous-looking/etc., anyway.

  2. The humor reminds me a lot of the Old Spice Guy.

    The shell game being played here is to sell you on how awesome it is to have nice stuff, but without explaining why this particular car is nice stuff. Notice how much more screen time the house and the pool get as compared to the car. (I like his house WAY more.)

  3. I thought it was funny. And kind of a forty-something male fantasy companion to the other Cadillac ad, the one with “Stacy’s mom has got it going on.”

    As to the suit, I believe styles are changing. All the young pastors at our church wear short jackets.

  4. I found it amusing – it had to be tongue in cheek, right?

    The ad that is making steam come out my ears lately is the one for the Komen walk. “Somewhere there is a woman who NEEDS you…” I can’t find the text online so I’m paraphrasing. “If you walk with your friends, you’ll give her more years with her friends.” It’s both untrue and condescending.

  5. It’s funny. Most ads sell a fantasy. I do wonder who the woman and the diligent children are. That house is way too neat for a family. It’s a fantasy.

    Is it offensive for Cadillac to want to appeal to a younger demographic?

    Evil ads on TV?

    How about the ads for the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas? http://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=m-ch-fea&v=LCeDi-d5CRg

    Any ad for any casino.

    Any ad for fast food. Which always come on after dinner time. I noticed this during the aftereffects of a stomach bug.

    Any ad for pharmaceuticals.

    Any ad for network series glorifying things like serial killers.

    As a consequence, we don’t let the kids watch tv unsupervised. In comparison, I wouldn’t mind at all an innocuous commercial praising the American Dream.

  6. The most evil commercial is that bleach commercial where the kid poops in the bathtub and then the black lady has to clean it up. Funny how they never show men cleaning up poop on TV. And did it really have to be a black family?

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