Sage Kotsenburg is Jeff Spicoli

I had a little hangover on Sunday, so I rehydrated and watched the Olympics. My fave is Sage Kotsenburg, who it totally the Jeff Spicoli of the sporting world. He was “totally STOKED” to win.

Here’s a video on the Today Show.


One thought on “Sage Kotsenburg is Jeff Spicoli

  1. Sage Kotsenburg was hilarious. Exactly what you’d expect a “Slopestyler” to be. The idea that he tried a trick he’d never tried before? unbelievable, but a great story (maybe he means never tried in competition?). And, did you see the slopestylers bouncing on the barriers after the runs? Someone comes up to them and tells them to stop. I remember thinking that if I were his mom, I’d have been in the stands, thinking, “What is that boy doing!”

    It’s such a contrast to the ice skaters, who are wound up so tight that they make everyone nervous. I was theorizing recreational drugs for the slopestylers but everyone tells me that everyone understands that you can’t bring drugs to Sochi. On the other hand, those kids bouncing the barriers seem like they might not really understand that.

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