A Business Day

After a weekend of family fun, I'm sitting at the computer looking a long list of troublesome chores. Steve and Jonah went off to work and school with that same hangdog look. Only Ian went to school with a smile. Thank God for Ian. 

The first order of business is dealing with this blog. Typepad installed a new spam filter a couple of months ago, and it has wrecked havoc with this blog. I haven't updated the blog design in several years. I need a new logo and all that. With ten years of archives and a sidebar with ads, it's a huge pain in the ass to make a change. I have to tranfer info with GoDaddy, sitemeter, and Google analytics, too. 

So, I need to do a little research on paying someone else to deal with that mess versus doing it myself. 

This blog feels like the home of a hoarder. Instead of collecting hats or buttons, I'm a collector of words and ideas. I haven't done the best job of keeping things organized, so now I must pay the price. 

I'm going to put up some very short blog posts over the next couple of days, but nothing too long. I'll be mostly working behind the scenes to clean up this mess. 

UPDATE: I really love the design options at SquareSpace, but they don't import from Typepad, so now I'm checking out WordPress

UPDATE2: What a time suck!!!! I picked out a vanilla design from WordPress. I'm the process of tranferring the archives. Next step, transfer the domain name. After everything moves over properly, I'll play around with the design more leisurely. I probably should have started this process during the weekend, but whatevs.