Boys In The City

Finally, it's warming up here in the East. And our juices for adventure are warming up, too. On Saturday, we detached ourselves from our computers and chores and went into the city. 


Why go up stairs the normal way, when you can walk up backwards? 


The first room of a museum is always the best. 


Sometimes the view of the park is more interesting than the art. 


Why simply walk across the street, when you can pretend that you're a tight rope walker?

We particularly loved the Met's exhibit on fashion and Impressionism. We stumbled into the exhibit. I wouldn't have made plans to see it, because it sounds like a crass attempt to bring in the art-lite crowds. But it was surpringly awesome. 

Each room of the exhibit focused on a particular fashion of the time. For example, I guess that white linen dresses were very big at the turn of the century. In the center of the room, they had an actual white dress with a black sash from their fashion collection. Around the room, they showed various impressionistic paintings of women in white dresses in black sashes. Some of the paintings were well known, others weren't familiar. The focus on the dress forces the viewer to look at the paintings with a new eye. 

Loved it. Highly suggest it. 

And later this weekend, there were eggs. 


3 thoughts on “Boys In The City

  1. It was a nice weekend in the City. Of course, being a nerd, I went to the library instead of the museum. And being Protestants, I worked at the Church book table Sunday insted of making Easter eggs.


  2. We were at the Met at the same time! Loved the Impressionism/fashion exhibit. Did you see the Street video? One hour slow motion of New Yorkers.


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