Swapping Google Reader for Feedly

I just swapped out my Google Reader feeds to Feedly. It took about five seconds. Love it. 


8 thoughts on “Swapping Google Reader for Feedly

  1. I’m starting to think Feedly has some benefits. But, a few things still really irritate me: 1) the web browser version (on the desktop computer) needs to be 1200 pixels wide to see the index. 2) the rearranging by what they think should be hot on the page (which seems to prioritize videos/pictures), which, in the case for 11D completely misses the point, since your most interesting posts don’t have any pictures.

  2. Thanks for this. But will it still work when it doesn’t have Reader as the back end? (I think this is the same thing bj is asking… but I’m at the outer limits of my web knowledge there.)

  3. Feedly says they are re-writing the parts of Reader that they use. Whether they will successfully transfer that function is up in the air until they actually accomplish the task.

  4. Feedly is pretty, but the “featured posts” thing is not throwing up the posts I most want to read (which perhaps suggests I should rearrange my folders). I’m also trying to figure out if there’s a substitute for the way reader lets me highlight one folder in the sidebar of my (not updated in forever) blog.

  5. I find Feedly a bit awkward right now, but once I master keyboard shortcuts, it should be easier. I am not loving the “featured” posts thing. Excuse me, let *me* decide what’s important!

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