Gift Guide 2012 #8 – Gifts for Boys that Don’t Involve Guns

I just came back from the mall, so I have all sorts of ideas for non-gun gifts for boys. 

1. Boys don't wear coats anymore. I bought Jonah a $20 coat from Old Navy for the two times a year that he wears one. But what he really wants is Boys’ Armour® Fleece Storm Big Logo Pullover Hoody Tops by Under Armour. I got him two of those.

2. Beats Solo HD On-Ear Headphone (Black)
isn't cheap, but it's trés cool. If you're not spending big cash on a game system or games, then it's do-able. Jonah spends hours making his own music on Garage Band, and I want to encourage this interest in music. 

3. While Jonah is getting a little too old for All Things Lego, Ian is still majorly into them. 

4. Sports jerseys. Always a good thing. Jonah wants an Ibrahamovic sweatshirt from Sweden. We had to order it from China, because they're sold out everywhere else. The French one Ibrahimovic's French Jersey
is still on Amazon. 

5. Water bottles
are a fact of life around here, because Jonah goes to soccer practice three or four times per week. They get fairly beat up and need replacement. It's a good small item to wrap up. 


11 thoughts on “Gift Guide 2012 #8 – Gifts for Boys that Don’t Involve Guns

  1. So do clothes and water bottles work for those who do the gift extravaganza at Christmas? And, are they also acceptable gifts for your children for birthdays?
    In general, clothes aren’t considered an acceptable gift for my kiddos (i.e. they don’t consider them so). They did, however, this year, get shearling slippers (for wearing before changing into sports shoes) & a coach’s jacket (for wearing before/after hockey) that counted as gifts. I don’t know how I’d sell a water bottle as a gift, but it’d have to be pretty special :-).


  2. Water bottles and clothes work for my kids, as long as there are other gadgets under the tree. $50 sweatshirts and jersey are big ticket items. I’m too cheap to buy that stuff for the kids during the year, so fancy clothes = special holiday gifts.
    My usual Christmas formula is: clothes + electronics + book/puzzle + art supply.


  3. I buy headphones at Marshall’s. Headphones are style items. I’m often able to buy last year’s style at a steep discount.
    Teens are not kind to headphones, so I refuse to buy them full-price.
    If you have to shop for girls, embroidery floss + friendship bracelet book = great gift for nieces.


  4. That’s the way my mother was when we were growing up–she would give us socks and underwear for xmas. My mother in law has ruined this for my kids. She buys them things I would consider presents ALL THE TIME. Like Uggs. But she didn’t catch my teen’s request for flowery Doc Martins in time–score for me!


  5. “My usual Christmas formula is: clothes + electronics + book/puzzle + art supply.”
    Heh, we’re similar. PJs + calendar + booksbooksbooks + Legos was the old formula, but like Jonah, they’re aging out of Legos. This year they each have a Very Special Electronic gift.


  6. My nephew, 11, loved the dance game (I think it was in the Wii Just Dance series) my sister got for me over Thanksgiving. I’m sure he wouldn’t do it in front of his friends but he did it for another hour by himself after I was totally wiped out. I’m getting him some hiking guides for the area our family visits in the summer. If I know what to get, I can fill in his D&D dice collection, and I also recommend strategy games everyone can play like Ticket to Ride and Carcassone.


  7. I was going to go all out and get a Wii U, but I couldn’t figure out what it got me other than the little screen thingy or why I wanted a little screen thingy. Anyway, it’ll be cheaper next year.


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