Gift Guide 2012 #7 – The Video Game Edition

Hello, gamers. This is the gift guide 2012 for video games. This is the only gift that my kids truly treasure every year. I wrap up other things, like board games and underwear and crafty items, but those gifts are really just filler. They want their electronics. 

We're basically a two game system family. There's the Wii upstairs for Ian and his girlie cousins. The XBox 360 is on the downstairs TV for Jonah and his friends who need a shower. 

This year, we're upgrading Ian's Wii to the Nintendo Wii U Console – 32GB Black Deluxe Set. Nintendo geeks say it's worth upgrading, because the new controls are cool. They also say that the deluxe model is the better value, even though it's $50 more. Both Game Stop and Toys R Us are selling it for $350, but Toys R Us has a 15% off coupon. 

If you're going to get the new Wii, then you need new games. We're getting New Super Mario Bros. Uand Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two. I also picked up Skylanders Giants Starter Kit for my mom to give as a gift. 

As I explained, we're giving in a bit on the violent video games and getting Jonah two stupid games: Call of Duty: Black Ops II
and Halo 4. There are parental controls on both those games. I suggest using them. 

Jonah has several XBox games that I recommend without reservations: FIFA Soccer 13, Portal 2, and Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Portal 2 was Ian's favorite game of the year. He solved it in a couple of months and then replayed the game on the computer version, which also lets you create  your own mazes. When he's on the XBox, Ian plays Kinect Sports

For some reason, it's become a family tradition to play Just Dance 4. At Thanksgiving, my 70-year old dad was competing in a Dance Off with my five-year old nephew.