In January, much of the real life work that consumed my life in 2011 abated. I finished renovating the old house, so I could sell it. I sold it. I packed up. I moved. I unpacked. I dealt with the paperwork of moving. Changes in Ian's schedule meant that I no longer had six hours of driving time. Time opened up. So, I decided to do some freelance writing. 

I wrote 15 pieces for the Atlantic Monthly and 1 article for GOOD magazine. I've gotten offers to write for other magazines, so I suspect that this writing gig will continue for a while. 

It's not very interesting to write about writing, so I'm not sure what to say about this new career path. I take an idea that I would spit out in 20 minutes on the blog and spend 2o hours making it better. Then I give it to an editor. After it's published, I promote it on Facebook and Twitter. I take a couple of days to recover, then I plan the next article. This morning, I am researching the percentage of wealthy students at elite colleges. 

The good part of freelance writing is that it can be fit into my complicated life. I have an outlet for my ideas. It's very rewarding. The bad part is the hours alone in the house in front of the computer. I've decided that four or five hours per day in front of the computer is all that I can handle. So, the rest of the day is home chores and art classes and kids and various other career schemes.

I've stumbled onto something new. 


One thought on “Writing

  1. I don’t think that writing about writing is boring. I’m thrilled that you’re finding this outlet because I’ve enjoyed all of your articles: they take the keen insight of your blog posts and develop that much further.
    Good for you for understanding that too much alone time in front of the computer s debilitating. Get out and around after those four to five hours and live and share the new things as you can!

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