Online Outrage

When I was writing academic papers about the Internet, the lit review section was always the same. I would list all the writers who thought that the Internet was the end time of civilization, and then I would list all the writers who thought the Internet was the second coming of Jesus. Then I would make some typical academic waffling and say, "well, it'sa some good and it'sa some bad." (I'm not sure why that came out in a bad Italian accent, but it did.)

The debate continues. 

Sasha Frere-Jones writes that Jonathan Franzen thinks that Twitter is a terrible thing. He also compares Franzen to Kayne West, which is awesome. "I like that Franzen doesn’t sound like a celebrity worried about reducing friction and shifting units. He is the Kanye West of fiction: popular, gifted, influential, and willing to make unpopular statements without the intervention of handlers."

Frere-Jones lists all the great writers on Twitter. I follow most of his list. You should, too. 
Then Stephen J. Dubner of Freaknonomics fame got into a rumble with some academic bloggers. It's a rather long and convoluted fight. I won't go into it. Chris Blattman writes a humble mea culpa and describes some of the dangers of blogging, though he gives in a little too easily. 



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