15 thoughts on “Pinterest

  1. I love Pinterest because it allows me to use fewer bookmarks. I am an inveterate list-maker and keeper (and also list-misplacer and loser), so it also allows me to keep an easy list of books I want to read, recipes, etc. It’s just a great way of organizing things one finds on the Internets. I am also a crafter and diy-er, so there are a number of good projects that I have seen (and done–I made earwarmers for my girls for Valentine’s day presents).

  2. So, Miranda, you’re doing the projects that you list? Do you think that other people are doing the projects/recipes and spending all that money on dresses and furniture? Or is it wishful thinking? Like window shopping? (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

  3. I don’t get Pinterest at all. My sense is that most people who use it often fall into three categories. 1.) they have small kids and are looking for good craft/activity ideas. 2.) they are decorating/remodeling something, and are pinning some ideas or 3.) They are pinning recipes because they enjoy cooking
    I don’t really fall into any of these categories. Perhaps that’s why I don’t “get” it?

  4. I pin recipes because I enjoy cooking, and I have found it useful for meal planning–I look at it on the weekend, pick some recipes on my “dinner” board that I want to make, and then make them! I think seeing the images is handy because it reminds me why I chose that recipe in the first place, and somehow, they don’t get lost in the shuffle as much. I do think there’s a lot of window shopping–people pinning dresses they like, but might not ever actually wear.

  5. I haven’t really been getting pinterest, either. For me, I think I just don’t organize information that way (visually). I do like the idea of using it for a decorating project, though, since i love the boards that interior decorators (i.e. Divine Design) make for projects.
    I thought Laura’s pinterest link meant that she was planning on cutting her hair short and blonde and wearing really really high heels and smocks. I think she could pull it off.

  6. I use it for creative projects, for decorating, and for photographic inspiration (both portraits and food styling). I have a blog that I illustrate using my own photos and I find inspiration on Pinterest.
    I look at it like a visual twitter.
    And I also use it as a way to interact with friends/contacts through visuals rather than words.

  7. I would say that there are aspects of Pinterest that are aspirational (I would love to do all the projects I have pinned, but I also have a job and kids . . .) and aspects that are not. Some people do post a lot of pictures of pretty dresses and shoes and cupcakes and they are not buying them (or making them and eating them).
    But the site is what one makes of it. I am definitely not a shoe/bag gal, so I don’t look at that stuff and I use the site differently. There are two aspects to the site–the ability to save visual images and the ability to see the images of others. Even if you don’t care for what most people are pinning, you still have the tool that allows you to save images on the internet and group them in a particular space, which I find more valuable than the social networking aspect. A lot of the stories I have seen on Pinterest do not focus on the tool aspect of the site as much and are more concerned with what people are pinning. It’s a tool–whether people find it useful is up to them.
    I fall into all of anjali’s categories, so I use it–if it didn’t have those things, I probably wouldn’t use it as much. I also agree with sandra–it’s kind of like visual twitter.

  8. It’s a challenge for me at my work because of the issue of photographers’ rights & our contract. If you want to get into that for your piece just drop me an email.🙂

  9. Check out linkwithlove.typepad.com The artist who runs this site was at Alt Summit and spoke with Ben Silberman (creator of Pinterest and a keynote speaker there) about attribution. She’s at linkwithlove@gmail.com and her name is Kal Bareski. I’ll introduce you two via twitter…

  10. Just came across this. As much as I loved bookmarking everything I agree it’s become too cluttered plus I forgot about some of them too. Some friends of mine are on pinterest or at least look at the homepage once in awhile. The homepage is definitely eye catching with its random as well as attractive images. I don’t actually use it as bookmarking tool for myself. I just started using clipix which arranges all my finds on clipboards. It’s been helpful for shopping when I want to compare prices without opening up multiple tabs on my browser.

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