Coffee Talk


After school, Ian and I went out for coffee and treats. I'm not admitting anything, but I may have chosen this coffee houe, because I'm starved for bright color right now. I needed that POW of green combined with Ian's orange jacket. Then we went to the YMCA to renew our membership. We ended up at the library to pick up Jonah where he was sorta, kinda working on a social studies project with his buddy Artie. 


3 thoughts on “Coffee Talk

  1. The kid is still adorable. Ian’s “stick figures” came up on the “You might also like” tab one of the times your page loaded. I still love those. The one on the right is a basketball court?

  2. Btw, if you’re starved for bright color, have you looked at a JC Penney advertisement lately? I opened up the Sunday ads and whoa. The guy who was in charge of Apple Retail got hired by JCP, and can you tell or what.

  3. I believe that combination of lime green and semi-bright orange exactly matched the interior decorating color scheme of my parents’ living room circa 1977.

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