Photography Class

I'm taking a photography class right now. Our assignment for the week was to take an abstract photo that explores color. Here's my photo.


Here's a shot from a reader, Lisa SG. Isn't it lovely? 


Disco Color comes from Sandra at Raincoastcottage


This one comes from Katie F.  I call it Hairy Berries.


Send me your photographs today and I'll post them. 


6 thoughts on “Photography Class

  1. I know! . I’m having a truly crazy day. The JSTOR article is now number one on their most popular list, front page of reddit, 800 Facebook likes. This is way more attention than I’m used to. But I’ve gotten way more traffic from the two second post about dooce, than the Atlantic article which took several days to research.

  2. For a moment, I thought Sandra was talking about a two-second tweet vs the day of research. (As for attention differential, JSTOR’d isn’t a verb.)

  3. Thanks MH–I did take it in a very middle-earthy place, Iceland, in the middle of the “night” during a three hour sunset that never led to the sun setting.

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