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7 thoughts on “Doorway

  1. Is that you? You have always been very reticent about pictures of yourself.
    Is that your house? I like the walls and pictures, but not the chandelier.

  2. De gustibus non est disputandum. However, I don’t like fake candles. Our dining room in the country has no electric lights, just sconces and a chandelier all with real candles. This is a little impractical, but it works because the dining room faces west and in the suumertime it’s light until 8 pm so the only time we need light in the dining room is when we have a dinner party, and then the candles are nice.

  3. “However, I don’t like fake candles.”
    My great grandma had one of those, my grandma has one and my current rental house has one two, so I find them very homey (although we always seem to have at least two different kinds of bulbs in at any one time). For the breed, Laura’s is quite elegant. I’m sort of mentally arranging it with some IKEA stuff.

  4. Nice composition – something you knew about already or something from your photo class last week? And I like seeing bits of you too – makes the blog even more personal/personable.
    Not a big fan of the chandelier either – prefer edgier lighting fixtures (less traditional). The fun11 or flos skygarden or sputnik are more my speed right now.
    y81- love the description of your dining room without electricity. We had electricity at our cottage but nothing else “city”. It’s a lovely way to get away and slow down.

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