The Day After

There is extreme laziness happening in our house at the moment. Extreme. Like too lazy to go to Game Stop to buy another controller for the XBox. Like piling up the presents in a corner, rather than putting them away. Like eating cookies for lunch, rather than making a sandwich. We're all going to hell. 




3 thoughts on “The Day After

  1. Did you ever notice how mid-century modern houses make lying around appear to be an inspired design choice? I miss that aspect of my childhood!
    I was only inspired to make lunch for youngest today: eldest and Mike both scrounged for themselves. For my part, the cookies and other canapes survived in sufficient quantities to support me. However, I suspect that cooking a real dinner is non-negotiable.

  2. “Did you ever notice how mid-century modern houses make lying around appear to be an inspired design choice?”
    Very good point.
    With all of the Christmas preparations, I’ve been kind of lax (scratch that–REALLY lax)on enforcing screen time limits. Now that Christmas is all prepared for and a tummy bug recovered from and I’ve had a look at the calendar, it’s finally occurred to me that the children should not do 3.5 solid weeks of cartoons and computer games while on break (we’re out of school until January 11). My husband, likewise, just realized that most of the kids’ new stuff requires his assistance (the new LEGO Mindstorm robotics set, a ship papercraft and a glockenspiel (???) to be built from copper pipe). He and I are the law east of the Pecos, so we need to pin on our badges, ride into town, and establish law and order.
    We live near campus, so many of life’s comforts (our excellent cafeterias where we usually have dinner, the Starbucks I can walk to, the college gym) close during Thanksgiving, Christmas break and spring break, just when you need them most. I feel like we are eating tolerably well (now that we have figured out again what that shiny black thing with knobs in the kitchen is), but the kids eat five or six times a day, so just feeding everybody and cleaning up afterwards sucks up enormous amounts of time.
    On a happier note, here’s stuff we’ve done.
    1. We went to the rollerskating rink yesterday.
    2. We saw Puss in Boots at the theater today (for $1 each!!!).
    3. D (age 6) and I just vacuumed the dining room, entry hall and kitchen.
    If all goes well, we will do another rollerskating trip and maybe go ice skating in Dallas at the Galleria. The last week of school vacation, campus should be coming back to life again, which will be more enjoyable.

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