Change is Good

My blog needs a face lift. The banner is 6 months old. The sidebar is full of outdated links and doesn't reflect what I'm really reading these days. I want to shake out this blog like wrinkled sheet and revamp it. 

I'm still thinking about what it should look like. Maybe something like Brain Pickings. I retweet nearly everything that Maria writes. It's embarrassing. Here's an interview with her


6 thoughts on “Change is Good

  1. I’d recommend dropping the “you might also like” stuff unless it’s somehow connected to the actual post. As it is, it’s just distracting, w/ the small pictures cluttering up the look and making it seem too busy, and no reason to connect the post w/ the stuff under it.

  2. The best thing you do for your old posts is the ‘recent comments’ space – whenever somebody puts something onto an old post, it directs attention to it. Even when it’s the Louboutin Shoes bot.

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